Get Dental Care ASAP With an Emergency Dentist in Lake Geneva

Even when you’re extra precautious, emergencies happen. As your emergency dentist in Lake Geneva, we’ve seen lots of urgent dental care needs walk through our doors. Whether you have knocked out a tooth playing sports or have a nagging toothache, we can:

  • Prevent damage from worsening
  • Restore your oral health
  • Preserve your beautiful smile
  • Get you out of pain with same-day care if possible

If you are an existing patient dealing with an emergency, call for a visit right away. New patients can call 262-747-0770. Ask about our membership club. A small monthly fee covers your preventive care as well as one emergency exam a year. Plus you’ll receive a 12 percent discount on other services.

Save Your Smile With Emergency Dental Care

Studies show one in five people will have dental trauma throughout their lifetime. That’s how common it is! It also shows you the importance of being prepared when an emergency happens. When you’re in pain or you’ve damaged a tooth, you’ll want to see us right away. We’ll see you ASAP when you reach out to us for help, even after hours if we’re available.

When you come to see us, we’ll evaluate your smile to determine the best path for treatment. We can:

  • Create a dental crown in one visit to repair a broken tooth or restore a cavity
  • Use tooth fillings to repair damage including cavities, minor chips, or cracks
  • Address infections and strive to prevent a tooth extraction, if possible

Receive Comfortable Treatment With Sedation & Advanced Technology

We know how alarming it can be to deal with an emergency. It’s our goal to make you comfortable and quickly get you out of pain. We offer sedation through laughing gas to ease your nerves and warm blankets and pillows to give you a sense of home. You can also block out sights and sounds of the dentist with our movie glasses.

Whether you are seeing us for an emergency or an exam, your visits are easier with our use of dental technology such as:

  • Digital X-rays – This equipment captures detailed images of your mouth and exposes you to less radiation than traditional X-rays.
  • Digital Scanners – No one likes the old-fashioned way of getting impressions with messy trays of goop. Our digital scanners capture impressions simply and easily.
  • Planscan CAD/CAM System – This technology enables us to create your dental crowns in just one appointment!
  • Digital Smile Design – If you need more extensive restorative or cosmetic care, we can create a 3-D preview of your future smile so you know what to expect.

If you need the help of an emergency dentist in Lake Geneva, look no further than Braden Dental Center. Existing patients can call call for a visit right away. New patients can call 262-747-0770. You can also request an appointment online.